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framarx/waxstar is a family owned and run waxed paper company  founded in 1966.  We specialize in converting waxed and coated papers for use as hamburger patty paper, food wrappers and much more.  At framarx/waxstar we emphasize quality, stress customer service and are always willing to put in RUSH priority, customized printing, a unique size, or special packaging.  We know that by avoiding rejections or problems with paper in the field, we are saving our customers and ourselves valuable time and money.  With most of our customers, we enjoy long-term relationships.  They have come to expect us to come through for them on a routine basis.  High quality is expected, and we are proud to be a part of their quality product.  We are confident that we have what you are looking for in a paper source.

Website :
toll free:  800.336.3936
phone:  708.755.3530
fax:  708.755.3617
Address: 3224 Butler Ave.  South Chicago Heights, IL.  60411
Email: [email protected]
Lawrence Czaszwicz
Julia Saeid

Who Is framarx/waxstar?

1. Emphasis on Quality

2. Customer Astonishment

3. Eliminate Waste

Our Market

Beef — 100%
Chicken — 100%
Pork — 100%
Confectionary — 100%
Vegetable — 100%

Meet Our Team

Larry Czaszwicz
Larry CzaszwiczPresident
Julia Saeid
Julia SaeidVice President
Chris Czaszwicz
Chris CzaszwiczTreasurer
Lisa Lumsdon
Lisa Lumsdon Logistics & Customer Service Manager
Jim Craven
Jim CravenMaintenance Engineer
Jim Merrell
Jim MerrellProduction Manager