Wax paper

Interleaving the world

Wax paper (also waxed paper or paraffin paper) is paper that has been made moisture-proof through the application of wax.

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Tear-Pin Paper

Wax paper tear pin

Tear-pin wax paper is widely requested and always delivered.

Side Notch Two-Ply Paper

Wax paper side notch two ply paper

Side-notch wax paper that is cut to precision for a universal machined fit.

Sustainable Paper Products

Sustainable paper products are a necessary environmental consideration, and an economic factor when choosing your food service paper packaging. Framarx offers a variety of paper grades to meet almost any food packaging, or food service packaging specifications.

Wax-paper-cut to spec

Patty Paper Producer

Patty Paper for Bulk Systems

Patty Paper or Wax Paper Rolls for food service, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, fast food chains, bakeries and other businesses are available from Framarx/Waxstar. We can meet small orders or bulk inventory lots. Whether you are food service distributor or a restaurant needing Patty Paper for hamburgers and sandwiches, or Wax Paper Rolls for use for freezers, or even confectioneries, we can meet your business product specifications. Framarx/Waxstar offers Patty Paper sheets or rolls for tear-pin systems, roll feed systems or vacuum feed systems. Our paper grades are available in various strengths from economically weights to wet weight strength papers and two-ply freezer papers.