Two-Ply Freezer Paper

//Two-Ply Freezer Paper

Two-Ply is our most popular grade. Primarily used as a freezer paper. This grade offers two distinct advantages as a interleaver of frozen products. The two sheets create an air barrier which stops the transition of moisture from one patty to the next in a stack. This makes separation easier. The two ply’s themselves will separate from each other when you snap a stack of frozen patties apart, leaving one sheet on each side of the stack. These sheets are then easily removed.

Two-Ply is used frequently in all kinds of applications, layer pack and cut size patty papers for machine feed. Framarx two ply offers the unique “total seal” which increases rigidity, eliminates curl and fluff, and delivers a really superior feeding sheet, even in very large sizes.

Two-Ply paper is available in patty paper sizes, custom size layer pack sheets, and in rolls for roll feed machines.